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Today, a business without an attractive website design soon gets lost among its competitors. An amateurish website (or worse, no website at all) marks your business as one people are afraid to try out, lest your goods and services are as bad as your web presence.

If your website needs an overhaul, or if you’ve put off getting a website, you need to get in touch with a website design professional. Effective website designers analyse your brand, your products, and your company culture to design a website that will bring in the customers.

Website Designs Product Range

Great Website Design Promotes Your Brand

Good design incorporates your logo and your brand into a website that sets your business apart from the rest in your niche. From online shopping catalogues to virtual shopping carts and your blog, your website serves as a portfolio for your work, a source of vital information for your customers, and even a way to order your products or get in touch with you without leaving their homes. Find a web designer to get you started here:

  • Website designs
  • Website banner designs
  • HTML website designs
  • WordPress website designs

Mobile and Online Shopping

Even shopping carts and your mobile app should reflect your brand. Professional web designers should create a seamless experience for your customers and potential customers across all their devices, mobile and desktop. Whether they’re at home in front of their laptop or on the road, using your website should feel like familiar ground. Use these resources to give your customers a stellar experience no matter where they are:

  • Mobile shopping carts designs
  • Mobile app designs
  • Mobile website designs
  • Shopping cart designs

Social Media, Third-Party Sales Sites, and Landing Pages

Website design doesn’t stop at the end of your URL. Your website designer should coordinate your Twitter, Facebook, and other social media profiles, as well as your Google shopping page with the same brand-forward design as your site itself. Landing pages for special promotions should also promote your brand image. Look over this list of resources for ideas:

  • Social media page designs
  • Facebook page designs
  • Twitter page designs
  • Instagram page designs
  • Linkedin page designs
  • Website landing page designs

Brand Your Online Forms and Email with your Web Design

Continue your brand-forward web design with online forms and email templates that echo your website. A distinctive logo, fonts, and theme should characterise all communication from your company—both internal and external. Here’s a list of helpful resources:

  • Online forms designs
  • Email template designs

Include a Blog to Inform Customers and Build Authority

Finally, make sure that you include a blog in your website design. Use your blog to showcase your expertise in your field without excessive self-promotion. If you’re not a writer, that’s OK. Jot down a rough draft and find a writer (freelance or on staff) who can take what you’ve written and turn it into a great article.

Write informative articles that solve your target customers’ biggest challenges—and you’ll become their go-to source of information in your line of work. When it’s time to buy, it will be you that gets their business. Find help with your blog here:

  • Blog Designs
  • Mobile Blog Site Designs

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