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Buying a new home or an investment property? Unless you plan to pay cash, you’ll need an experienced mortgage broker to help you get the best deal on a mortgage loan. Mortgage brokers can help you plan your budget to make sure you will have enough income to pay off the property.

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Organise Before You Go to the Broker’s Office

Before you talk to a mortgage broker, it pays to have your finances organised and everything documented before your first appointment. Having your debts paid off as much as possible, too, helps you secure a loan with a lower interest rate. Get started with these resources:

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Refinancing Also an Option

Mortgage brokers can also help you refinance your home to add property improvements that will add value to your home. Or, to get a better interest rate, qualified homeowners can even refinance their current mortgage loan. Learn more about refinancing here:

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Get Competitive Rates on Home and Real Estate Mortgage Loans

It pays to shop around, too. Both real estate investors and homeowners can boost their bottom line significantly by spending a little extra time to find the right loan.

Create a short list of mortgage brokers, and then book in an appointment with those that look most promising to see which of them can provide you with the most competitive interest rates and other amenities. Use a list of brokers near you to do your research.

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Find the Best Solution for Your Financial Situation

Some mortgage brokers’ websites have a mortgage calculator that allows you to see what your monthly payment will be with various loan configurations. Some buyers want to pay less interest over time with a higher down payment and fewer years to pay it off, while others with tighter cash flow prefer lower payments spread over many years time. Learn more with these resources:

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