When it comes to your vehicle, it helps to have professional mechanics you can call on when things go wrong—even if you’re an expert DIYer. DIYers themselves, too, need supply shops where they can get all the equipment they need to get the job done.

Mechanics specialise in various fields. The mechanic that did such a terrific job on your car may know nothing about your bike, for instance. The local mechanic that does your regular oil changes will probably not be the repair shop to call on when your car’s A/C goes on the blink.

Choose the right mechanic for the job, and you’ll get excellent service and mechanical expertise in their respective fields.

Mechanics Service Range

Automotive Mechanics

If you’re like most Australians, you depend on your car to provide dependable service. Having an auto mechanic that knows your car is essential to keep your car on the road for the long run.

Regular service, every mechanic will tell you, is the key to keeping your vehicle in tiptop shape. Find a dependable shop and keep up with all the manufacturer’s recommended service intervals to ensure a longer life for your car and all its parts. Find the mechanic you need from this list:

  • 4 wheel drive accessories
  • 4 wheel drive shops
  • 4WD & 4X4 accessories
  • Towbar suppliers
  • Towbar installers
  • Roof Rack suppliers
  • Roof Rak installers
  • ABS/wheel speed sensor replacements
  • Auto electrician services
  • Auto electricians
  • Auto wreckers & recyclers
  • Air conditioning repairs
  • Balancing equipment & services
  • Basic services
  • Brake & clutch services
  • Brake calliper replacements
  • Brake system flush
  • Brakes & clutch equipment wholesalers & manufacturers
  • Car & automotive transmissions
  • Car air conditioning
  • Diesel fuel injection
  • Engine reconditioning
  • Engine repairs
  • Exhaust systems
  • Exhaust systems & mufflers
  • Front brake pad and rotor replacements
  • Front brake pad replacements
  • Fuel pumps &carburettorequipments
  • Gas cylinder testings
  • Gas struts
  • General instruments
  • Heating and cooling system repairs
  • Local mechanics
  • Mechanical garages
  • Mechanical repairs
  • Mechanical shops
  • Mobile mechanics
  • Motorsport services
  • Oil leak inspections
  • Petrol engines
  • Petrol fuel injections
  • Power steering
  • Prestige services
  • Towing
  • Towing services
  • Transmission mechanics
  • Transmissions
  • Tune up shops
  • Turbochargers
  • Tyre & mechanical repairs
  • Tyre repair shops
  • Tyre repairers
  • Tyre repairs, retreading &recappings
  • Undercar mechanics
  • Undercar repairs
  • Vehicle electricians
  • Vehicle inspections
  • Vehicle repairs
  • Wheel alignments
  • Wheel alignment & wheel balances

Vehicle Body Repair

Dents, dings, and the occasional fender-bender are all an unfortunate part of car ownership. Body repair shops can get your vehicle back on the road in as good or better shape than it was before the accident.

  • Body repair shops
  • Panel beater & painters

Speciality Vehicle Installation and Repair

Many repair shops specialise in speciality vehicle repairs and installations. Vehicles for those with disabilities, motorcycles, and cargo trucks all require a mechanic with special equipment and training. Use this list to help you find a mechanic for your vehicle:

  • Bus & truck repairs
  • Disability services & mobility equipments
  • Motorcycle parts & accessories retailers
  • Truck mechanics
  • Truck parts
  • Truck repairs

Vehicle Modification

If you want to install special equipment on your vehicle, you might want to consult a mechanic with the equipment and training to perform the modification correctly. Find some of these specially trained mechanical experts here:

  • Auto innovations
  • Bike carriers
  • Bike racks installers
  • Bullbar installers
  • Exterior accessories installers
  • Installations
  • Kayak carriers
  • Kayak rack installers
  • LPG & gas conversions
  • LPG & natural gas equipment & services
  • Luggage carriers
  • Mag wheel installers
  • Nudge bar installers
  • Nudge bars
  • Towbar installers
  • Tube bending
  • Van racking installers
  • Van racking suppliers
  • Van shelving installers
  • Van shelving suppliers
  • Vehicle accessories installers
  • Window tinting

Auto and DIY Mechanics Equipment and Supplies

DIYers and repair shops alike need the equipment and supplies to perform repairs, inspections, and modifications on the vehicles they service. Find quality equipment suppliers from this list:

  • Car accessories
  • Car batteries & car battery replacements
  • Car cleaning products
  • Home mechanics
  • Mag wheel shops
  • Mag wheel stores
  • Mag wheels
  • Motor garage equipments
  • Towing equipments
  • Tyres
  • Tyre shops
  • Winch bars
  • Towbars
  • Roof Racks

Mechanical and Marine Engineers

For modifications that go beyond the expertise of your local mechanic—or for a custom-made vehicle, you need to turn to the expertise of a mechanical engineer. University-level studies in how to get the most out of a machine make these experts the one you’ll want to call on.

  • Marine engineers
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Mechanics & motor engineers

Marine Mechanics and Suppliers

If you live for getting out on the open water, you’ll need a marine mechanic to help keep your boat in tiptop shape. Find your marine vehicle mechanic here:

  • Motor & boat canopy
  • Fish rack installers

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