Logo Design


Your logo design can make or break your business. It’s that important.

Your Logo: The Heart of Your Brand

A logo captures your brand in a single glance. When done right, your logo lets potential customers see the ‘soul’ of your company.

Of course, your products and services must live up to the brand image your logo creates in the minds of potential customers. For example, although Nike’s trademark ‘swoosh’ conveys effortless athleticism, it wouldn’t mean anything if their shoes didn’t deliver on the promise.

So, make sure your products and services are first-rate, and then find a design that portrays all your company and products stands for.

A graphic designer can create a logo that will put your brand in the spotlight. Use this list for handy reference:

  • Custom logo designs
  • Logo designs
  • Business, company and corporate logo designs
  • Corporate logo designs
  • Graphic logo designers
  • Modern logo designs
  • Best logo designs

Logo Design Product Range

Logos for New Businesses and Start-ups

Fortune favours the bold, so the saying goes. Start-ups and other new businesses need to catch the attention of potential customers at the outset so that they can see an immediate return on their investment.

One way to get the attention of these eager buyers is with a creative logo. Although you may need a low-cost alternative, never settle for less than the best quality. A newer logo designer may be able to create a less expensive, yet eye-catching logo that won’t go over budget. Look over this list for low-cost, yet high-quality alternatives:

  • New business designs
  • Creative logo designs
  • Cheap logo designs
  • Quality logo designs

Promotional Logos

From time to time, you may want to run sales or other promotional campaigns. Parties, your town’s ‘Old Fashioned Days’ festival, or seasonal sales are all reasons you might want a logo that fits the occasion.

Businesses who do create other logos for special occasions will do well if they find a way to connect it to their main logo. A Santa Claus hat atop your company name or its logo just before the Christmas holidays, a sun in place of an ‘O’, or other clever ways to link your regular logo design with these seasonal promotions will help you keep your brand image while you advertise your special sale.

Often, these logos require a short turnaround time unless it’s a yearly campaign. Use this list to find logo providers for these special events:

  • Party and promotional logo designs
  • Car wrap designs
  • Old fashioned logo designs
  • 24-hour turnaround logo designs
  • Fast logo designs

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