Air Conditioning


During the hot Australian summers, air conditioning (A/C) is a must for most homes and businesses. Even on the beach, the ocean breezes often aren’t enough to cool off your home or office.

Air Conditioning Product Range

Types of Air Conditioning

You know you need an air conditioner, but what type? The various kinds of systems can confuse buyers without expert guidance. Each type of A/C system works best in certain situations. To help you choose what system is right for you, here’s a rundown of the various types and their uses:

  • Split System: These systems need no ductwork to cool a property, so they work well in an older building or one with no room to install ducts. Easy on the budget, these units have a wall-mounted unit that connects to an outdoor component through small tubes that can be run through the walls or another opening. They are quieter than ducted systems and allow each room to have its own dedicated cooling unit.
  • Wall Units: Similar to window air conditioners, a wall unit fits into a pre-cut hole in an exterior wall. Like window units, wall units usually cool only one room. As a permanent fixture, however, you won’t need to remove them during the winter months.
  • Cassette Units: An excellent solution for commercial applications, cassette air conditioning units work similarly to their split-system counterparts with both an indoor and an outdoor component. Cassette A/C units, however, are installed in the ceiling, leaving the walls free for other equipment and décor. In general, they are more expensive than a split system and provide more cooling power.
  • Portable Units: Portable A/C units are small machines about a metre tall that you can move around from room to room. Many have reservoirs to hold the moisture they pull from the air, which homeowners will need to empty from time to time. Others provide a drainage hose hook-up to funnel the water outside or into another drain, reducing the need for manual drainage. Evaporative portable units draw warm air in, which cools as it passes over moist pads. These work best in dry environments and require an open window or other ventilation in the vicinity.

Air Conditioning System Cleaning

To function properly, an air conditioning system be clean and clear so air can pass through it. This is why, whatever system you choose, regular maintenance and cleaning is necessary.

  • Mobile A/C Cleaning: Mobile A/C system cleaners come to your location to clean your units, whether they be in your home or in your car. They will remove any dust or mould, recommend any needed servicing, and keep your unit running at its best.
  • Split A/C Cleaning: Split air conditioning system cleaners make sure that the filters on your split system units are free from dust, mould, and other contaminants. Since these units are wall-mounted, trained professionals take great care to avoid getting the cleaning solution on the wall itself.

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